N.T. Crotser is an American freelance illustrator, artist, and cartoonist who specializes in Anthropomorphic, Retro-futuristic, and Surrealistic art currently living in Creve Coeur, Illinois with his wife C. R. Crotser, their two cats Azriel and Gir, and gerbil Nutmeg. He is the creator of the comic series’Clan Rikier”, “Law of the Stars” and “Saber of the Stars”.

Fascinated by anthropomorphic art and animation, N. T. taught himself to draw by experimenting with different styles and taking hints from some of his favorite artists. He started drawing seriously around the age of fourteen, participating in online art communities such as FurAffinity, and started his first proper comic series “Sam and Molly” soon after. His art style is partly influenced by the works of Tim Burton, David Hopkins, John Kricfalusi, and Jhonen Vasquez.

He is a Linux and Amiga enthusiast as well as a staunch DRM free activist.


C.R. Crotser is an American freelance artist and writer with specialization in Anthropomorphic, Fantasy, and Anime art. Her artwork is often inspired by her varied taste in music and life experiences. She first joined the Furry fandom through Furcadia in early 2000’s and became an artist on SoFurry in 2009. Now she is active under the name Cyiancefiction on both Weasyl and Inkbunny.