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Welcome to Clan Rikier.

At 20 years old, John has dreams of making it big as a rock star. The only problem is nobody's paying attention to this quiet corner of the world. The everyday adventure of strange customers and fun times with friends breaks the monotony of waiting to make it big.

Comic Support

Hello all,
If you've got an extra dollar or two to spare a month and would like to help support the comic or guarantee on time releases head on to the artists' Patreon page and throw some money our way.
The $3 reward tier gets early access to Clan Rikier as well as the pages in color.

-Thanks for the time, and thanks for being a fan!
-SweettheSour & CyianceFiction

posted by SweettheSour @ June 30th, 2017, 8:34 pm   0 comments

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